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HHO SAM III Geomagnetic monitor is now offline until a new fulltime monitoring PC can be installed.

22 June 2011





Sky conditions improve at HHO

After months of seemingly never ending cloudy skies, things look up and the observatory is taking data once more

12 April 2012





Spectra L-200

The L200 spectrograph has been calibrated and seen first light on Sirius and Spica.  See here for details

04 May 2011




"The physical nature, distribution, formation and evolution of asteroids are fundamental to our understanding of how planet formation occurred and, ultimately, why life exists on earth.  In our current solar system, asteroids (and comets) are the most direct remnants of the original building blocks that formed the planets."

"Interpreting this record via observation, laboratory studies of meteorites, and theoretical/numerical modelling can tell us much about how the bodies in the solar system have evolved with time."

Dr. William F. Bottke Jr. et al (2002), Asteroids III


  • Photometry : Obtain, analyse and report the brightness variations of Minor Planets. Obtain, Analyse and report the brightness variations of AAVSO and VSS variable stars targets and newly discovered variable stars;
  • Astrometry : Obtain, measure and report the position of Near Earth Objects (NEOs) to a high degree of precision in a timely manner
  • Spectroscopy : Obtain, analyse and report the Specrta for newly discovered variable stars and objects of critical interest to the AAVSO and VSS;
  • Education : Provide an extensive reference on the observational aspects of astronomy and where appropriate, details of analystical techniques and tools.

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17 August 2012