Just like any other household utility item, a good doorbell is of great importance to our lives. It can be close to impossible for one to hear someone knocking on the door while you are sleeping on the first floor. One of the main reason why you need to install the best doorbell at the main entrance of your house is to hear when someone is knocking.

Technology has really evolved, and so is every aspect of life. There are video doorbell and non-video doorbells. Every person has his or her own choices depending on the budget and preference. It can be quite overwhelming to choose one model from several doorbells that have already flooded the market. You need a comprehensive guide that will help you make a good decision to give value to your ill-gotten money.

Various doorbells have varied features ion them, and every add-on dictates the price and workability of the doorbell. The working of the doorbell is the same from the time of innovation only that a lot of modifications have been done to the fundamental designs to give them more value. Obviously, the best doorbell is the one that has many different features. The features help to ensure that you get the most out of your system. Here are our top-notch features of the best doorbells that can help you to buy a great doorbell for your property.

Plugin Chime Melody

doorbellThere are many doorbell models on the market. Some doorbells have single melody chimes while others have multiple melodies. Their prices also differ; thus those that have more than one chime tend to be more expensive than the basic models. Any buyer can purchase a wireless plug-in chime which features a multiple-note melody. Some have up to eight note, and these can cost at least $20 although the cost may vary from store to store. This feature is actually adjustable in volume.

Multiple Frequencies

If a given doorbell system does not contain multiple frequencies or some means of blocking other devices, just avoid such a model. Multiple frequencies is a must-have feature especially if you are a city resident. This is key because your doorbell will compete with car alarms, neighboring wireless doorbells, garage door, and other devices. So, ensure you get a multi-frequency doorbell to be able to block other devices.

Infrared Night Vision

Infrared night vision is a great feature to consider if you are not on a budget. The infrared night vision feature allows its users to have a clear vision at night. This feature is dominant in video doorbells that are personalized for security purposes. With such doorbell, you get to see the person knocking before you approach the door.

Motion Detection

doorbellAnother great add-on for modern doorbells is the motion detection feature. This particular component is able to signal when there is a person walking towards your entrance door. This alerts you early before they even knock or button the doorbell.

Tamper detection

Tamper detection helps to detect vandalization of the door or the bell system itself. The pamper detection feature helps to notify us when someone is deliberately destroying the doorbell. It also helps to detect all movements that might be occurring around the doorbell.