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Four Practical Ways to Improve Your Business’s Protection Against Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks today do not target only big companies but also startups and individuals. Criminal hackers break into a company’s system for various reasons: stealing sensitive data, spying for a third party, wreaking havoc, and even for fun. Whichever intentions they have, you must better your company’s defense system against cyber threats.

Educating Your Employees

a finger print on keyboardPhishing is the most deceptive form of online frauds. The criminals often profile their victims first. They mimic credible institutions or personalities, and they use them to get their victim’s information. Usually, account passwords, verification numbers, and registered emails are the targeted data.

What is worse about phishing is that no software can prevent it effectively. If your employees give sensitive information to the fraud unintentionally, then your system will be vulnerable. Therefore, education about identifying phishing emails and cybersecurity is crucial. Your workers must know how to protect your company’s confidentiality. Here are some sites that can help you: www.cbia.com, www.beyondtrust.com, and globallearningsystems.com.

Securing Your Wi-Fi

a padlock on a laptopYour Internet connection is the very source of cyber threats. And the higher your broadband, the more vulnerable you are to cyber attacks. The router you use must be equipped with a firewall that can keep up with the connection’s phase. For instance, Sonicwall is a connection gateway security company that can offer you affordable and high-quality protection. You can reach Sonicwall Sales for further information regarding their products.

Besides the hardware, you must reset your wi-fi’s password regularly too. This manual trick is often neglected, yet it is very effective.

Monitoring the Internet Access

Your company must have a monitoring system that can record all the users and their online activities. Besides protecting you from potential cyber attacks, this feature will also discourage your employees from misusing their Internet access. However, you may need to add some equipment and hire an IT expert to apply this system to your company and to make it work well.

Entrusting Your Backup to a Trustworthy Service

internet connection illustrationIn the past, only big companies can have a digital storage facility because it will need a room filled with server computers. Today, cloud storage enables startups and individuals to have terabytes of digital storage without having to own any servers.

Nevertheless, regardless of the practicality of cloud storage technology, security is still an issue. In 2014, private data of many celebrities were leaked to the public by anonymous hackers. However, cloud storage providers have developed their security relentlessly ever since, and no other cases have ever happened. On your end, you must review the provider’s terms and agreements before you subscribe to any of their service packages.…